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 Update March 3, 2017


15th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Reunion Photo Found

A photograph of the 15th Ohio's Reunion in Mansfield, Ohio 1887 has been found. This is a rare piece and we are very lucky that the owner, Norris Alford, shared this with us and granted permission to post the picture on our website! (See 15th Ohio Reunion 1887 on the left)


Update-January 17, 2017

New page being added to the website-In the Footsteps of the 15th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. This will be a day by day calender showing where the regiment was each day. Under construction for now.





     A great find! The sword of Colonel William Wallace has been found in the attic of a collector in Georgia. The owner contacted us in an attempt to find Col. Wallace's ancestors. Working together, we were able to find the Colonel's great grandaughter and they will soon be able to see the sword in person. It is beautifully engraved with the names of the battles he fought in, along with his name, rank and regiment. Thankfully, the sword is in good hands and is owned by someone who truly cares about preserving this piece of Civil War history!


UPDATE--MARCH 27, 2014

    We continue to add names to our Online Cemetery which is located at www.15thohio.yolasite.com  This past week we have located the final resting places of Capt. Hanson, three of the McClenahan brothers, William Frank (chief bugler) ---Warren McKinney, the youngest member of the regiment at 12 years, six months--Co. D's Henry Zeiters--Vincent Trago--William Wood--Hugh Thompson--John Hesser--and Joesph Wilkins. If you have an ancestor with the 15th Ohio and have a picture/information on their final resting place, please contact me at rfbundy31@hotmail.com so your ancestor can be added to this memorial. (As of March 27, 2014, we have located 412 gravesites!)




 We are pleased to note that the National Park Service at Kennesaw Mountain Georgia was able to save a portion of the battlefield that includes the hill that was captured by the 15th Ohio. Bald Knob and Nodine's Hill are both included in the 44 acres obtained by the NPS.

We had urged for years for an attempt to be made to save the hill, but the owner wasn't interested in selling the land. It was on this site that General O.O. Howard ordered the 15th Ohio to attack the hill. Howard thought he was talking to Col. Kirby and intended for the entire brigade to join in. In reality, he was talking to Col. Askew of the 15th Ohio and he mistakenly ordered the regiment to attack by themselves. The gallant regiment did just that and were able to hold the hill along with the 49th Ohio Regiment.

    After the war, Alex Cope wrote a number of letters to both Howard and Askew when General Howard wrote a newspaper article about that days events and giving credit for the capture of Bald Knob to Colonel Kirby. Cope proved to Howard that he was mistaken and General Howard wrote a retraction, giving credit to the 15th Ohio and Colonel Askew.

    Saving this land is a wonderful accomplishment!






Six headstones were located at Los Angeles National Cemetery in Los Angeles, Calif. Stewart of Co. A, Clark from Co. B--90-day, McKirahan from Co. B, Adams from Co. E, Magness from Co. F and Livenspire from Co. I.       (11-22--12)


Rob Geiger found three more tombstones--Ferenbaugh of Co. F, Augusta from Co. C and Richardson from Co. A (11-11-12)

A photo of the gravestone of William Heffelfinger--Co. I- 90-day by Rob Gieger has been added to the New  Online Cemetery Page  (December 7, 2011)

      We have added a number of 1861 letters which appeared in the Mansfield Semi-Weekly Herald. This is the 90-day unit. David Torski sent these to us to use several years ago but other projects kept us from having the time to get them into order and placed on the website. Our apologies to David for the oversight. These are really very interesting letters and give good insight into the often over-looked 90 day 15th Ohio. These letters are from Captain Miller's Co. H. The writer, Damon, is Sgt. Samuel Wilkinson. Alf is believed to be Corpl. Alfred Phillips.


We have moved our online cemetery to it's own site, where the quality of the pictures is much better and we can place the pictures in alphabetical order. To view the online cemetery for the 15th Ohio Volunteer Infantry go to http://www.15thohio.yolasite.com/


 Rob Geiger sent us a picture of the gravesite of Paul Dry of Company G. Thanks Rob!

Rob Geiger found two more Co I men to add to our site. Peter Kirkendall and Joesph Meek. Thanks Rob!

We arw rebuilding our cemetery pages so each company will have its own page. It will make it easier for people to find their ancestors without having to scroll through all the pages. It will take awhile to get this done but it will be worth the effort.

Cemetery Page--Our thanks to volunteer John S. Sims for the photos of John Powell, Levi Barcus, Clark Sears and Samuel Early for graciously allowing us to post his photos on our site.

 CEMETERY PAGE--Rob Geiger found the grave site of an 8th Kansas soldier. A rare find for Ohio. The 8th Kansas joined Willich's Brigade in November of 1863.

 CEMETERY PAGE--Our thanks to Rita Golden and her husband for providing pictures of Chaplain Randall Ross's headstone from Raymore Cemetery in Cass County, Missouri. They also did some research and sent some very interesting documents on Rev. Ross. Thanks Rita!

CEMETERY PAGE--Rob Geiger found another member of the regiment at Greenwood Cemetery in Zanesville, Ohio. Francis Mullen of Co. A has been added to our cemetery site. Thanks Rob!

 RESTORED PHOTOS--Rob Geiger has brought to our attention a new, state of the art, digital scanning service that can restore your old Civil War photos that have either been damaged or are just plain deteriorating because of age. ScanCafe.com is highly recommended by Rob and the cost of the service is very reasonable. If you have photos in need of restoration, check out ScanCafe.com.

 ANCESTOR PAGE--A biography of Regimental Surgeon William Clark has been added to the ancestor page. We thank his great great grandaughter, Susan Alice Robles for sending this information to us!

 THE SOCIETY OF THE ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND---Following the war, the old veterans formed the Society of teh Army of the Cumberland. As the veterans passed away, so of course did this organization. Would anyone be interested in reforming the Society as an effort to keep alive that once grand organization? Your ideas would be welcomed. Colonel Askew and Captain Cope were members.

   Missing Diary---We are trying to locate the diary of Andrew J. Gleason of the 15th Ohio. His great grand daughter says that his diary is written entirely in shorthand and is believed to be in a museum or historical society probably in Ohio. If anyone runs across this diary, please let us know right away. We would greatly appreciate it! (November 4, 2010)



"THE BUCKEYE VANGUARD"  the long awaited history of the 49th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry, has been published and is now available. Written by our good friend, the late Dick Mann, this book tells the story of the gallant regiment from Willich's Brigade. It is a must read! (Click on the link to the left.) November 15, 2010


Another long awaited book has now been published and is available from Indiana Historical Society Press. "Blood Shed in this War--Civil War Illustrations by Captain Adolph G. Metzner, 32nd Indiana" written by our good Indiana friend, Michael Peake, is another wonderful addition to the history of Willich's Brigade. Order by phone at 1-800-447-1830 or online at http://15thohio.4t.com/cgi-bin/util/sitebuilder/edit_page?editpage=index.html  Great Job, Mike!

November 15, 2010

    Work has begun on a new book about the 15th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. This will be a short history of the regiment using letters, diaries and other sources. The finished product is quite a ways down the road and it won't match Alex Cope's book in length or scope but hopefully we can add some stories using material that Cope did not have access to. We need a title for this regimental history. If you have any ideas, let us know!

We finally have located some information on Colonel William Wallace. We have searched for him for years and we finally tracked him down. He died in Philadelphia in 1886 and is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery. We were also very lucky in locating his great-great-grandaughter, who is going to provide us with some biographical information in the near future. Once this information arrives, I will create a seperate page for Col. Wallace and Col. Askew.

     We are very grateful for all of those ancestors who have contacted us and in many cases have provided us with photos, diaries, journals and letters. Just this past week, (July 27, 2009) the great-great-grandson of Co. G's James McMeeken, Rob Geiger,  has contacted us and has sent us photos of his ancestor, reunions ribbons, letters and newspaper clippings and has given us permission to post these on our website to share with other interested ancestors. We greatly appreciate his willingness to share these historic items with us. I'll be working this week to add these items to our website. Thanks, Rob!

 Genealogy Website

    For those of you who are researching Belmont County, there is a great website full of information that could be very helpful to you. http://www.belmontcountyohio.net/ is the the place to go. Three companies of the 15th Ohio were from Belmont County. A search of the website turned up 16 gravesite photos of members of the regiment and those photos are now being posted in our Online Cemetery 3. Our thanks go out to Skip Magyar for allowing us to use these photos and for his great work in maintaining the site.



Rob Geiger suggested that we add an online cemetery page to show pictures of tombstones of members of the 15th Ohio. Great idea! It has been added.  If you have a picture of a gravestone of a member of the regiment, please send it to us to be added to the page. And let's take one step further. If you have an obituary of any member of the regiment, please send that also. Thanks! (July 28, 2009)



December 1, 2011--Bio of Robert Applegarth Co. E by his gggrandson Ray Curley

November 22, 2011--Newspaper letters from 90-unit Co. H added to 90-day page

October 22, 2011--Headstone of Paul Dry of Co. C by Rob Gieger

September 25, 2011--Headstones of Kirkendall and Meek added by Rob Geiger

                               New cemetery pages being added by Company

September 21, 2011--Headstones of Powell, Barcus, Early and Sears

September 17, 2011--Headstone of George Nethers--Co. F--8th Kansas by Rob Geiger

September 16, 2011--Headstone of Chaplain Randall Ross provided by Rita Golden

September 11, 2011---Headstones of Captain Jeremiah Dunn and Pvt. Sanford Early added to Online Cemetery by Rob Geiger

July 3, 2011--Headstone of 90-day 15th Ohio soldiers-Jacob Sunkle-Co. A- Courtesy of Rob Geiger

June 9, 2011--Two new headstones added to Online Cemetery 3 courtesy of Rob Geiger. Converse Wylie of Co. A and John McKim of Co. B

June 3, 2011--A biography of Surgeon William Clark has been added to the ancestor page courtesy of Susan Alice Robles

May 1, 2011--Two new headstones have been added courtesy of Rob Geiger. William B. Patterson of Co. G, 15th Ohio and James S. Courtney of Battery A 1st Ohio Light Artillery.

 March 14, 2011--Added link to Mike Peake's German Sons website.

January 16, 2011--A carte de vista of Hospital Steward E.B. Mosher was provided by Bob Van Dorn

January 16, 2011--Photos from Company G have been added. Jacob Harnly courtesy of Rob Geiger and William Stough courtesy of Rob's cousin, Gail McMeeken Adams

December 1, 2010---A biography of Royal Sherman Co. D has been added to the ancestor page courtesy of his great-great grandson, Michael Sherman

July 16, 2010--A Biography of Colonel Frank Askew has been added to the page of the same name courtesy of the Vintage Gun Leather Company. We urge everyone to support this fine company and we thank them for allowing us to reprint this work.

 May 28, 2010--And four more! Enoch Numleus. Hugh Moore and John Williams of Co. C and Cicero Castor of Co. G

May 27, 2010--Rob sent us four more photos. Captain A. Cummins of Co. D and Samuel Rank, Thomas Douglas and William Whipp of Co. G

May 21, 2010--Rob Geiger sent us two more gravesite photos. Captain C.R. Taft of Co. B and George Stoll of Co. I. Thanks to Rob, we are now working on a third page of gravestones from the 15th Ohio and we started a page for others from Willich's Brigade. Thanks Rob!

 April 18, 2010--Mark Boyd, great-great-nephew of Co. C's Theodore Mosher, has sent us a picture of his ancestor's gravestone and a brief bio.  Mosher served as a hospital steward with the regiment. Thanks Mark!

 April 10, 2010--Rob Geiger submitted three more 15th Ohio grave markers. Elmore Nelson, Joseph Bennett and Calvin Morehead. Rob is doing a great job on this project! Keep up the great work, Rob!

April 9, 2010--Rob Geiger has found five more 15th grave markers and also has sent us a picture of Major Wilbur Goodspeed's final resting place. All photos are from Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio.

Feb. 2, 2010--Jon-Erik Gilot located a photo of the gravestone of Capt. Alex Cope in Belmont County, Ohio

January 30. 2010--Researcher Steve L. Zerbe of New Jersey sent a photo of the tombstone of Colonel William Wallace from West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia.

November 23, 2009--A newly found CDV of 15th Ohio Surgeon William Clark has been sent to us by Bob Van Dorn along with his permission to post it on this site. (Note the black armband in honor of President Lincoln). Bob has sent us many of the CDV's that appear on our website and we greatly appreicate it!

November 12, 2009-Four more headstones have been found by Rob Geiger. Askew and Straub of Co. G and Shephard and Cummins of Co. I. It was Rob's idea to add the cemetery pages and it has been a great success! Thank's Rob!

October 9, 2009--A photo of Frank Schreiber-Co. A-courtesy of Peter Wood-great-great grandson of Mr. Schreiber. On Brigade Photo page

September 6, 2009--Rob Geiger sent in two more gravestones. Eyerly and Cole--Co. G--Mansfield Cemetery

August 6, 2009--Ancestor Reunion page added.

August 6, 2009--A list of 15th Ohio Soldiers who died at Andersonville Prison in Georgia has been added on the Brigade Stories page.

July 28, 2009--An email from Jim Heilman giving information from his ancestors family ledger has been added at the bottom of the Lucius Doolittle page.

July 2, 2009-A copy of the diary of Co. A's Frank Schreiber has been found by his great-great-grandson Peter Wood of Tennessee. This diary was used by Alex Cope in the writing of the regimental history of the 15th Ohio. This is a great find, with many interesting insights into the history of the regiment.

March 2009-- New photos of 15th Ohio Officers--Alex Cope, Colin Leiter, Robert Cochran and Moses Dickey have been added courtesy of Robert Van Dorn. These are beautiful views with Leiter photo being exceptional in that it shows a Corps badge on his hat. Our thanks go out to Bob for allowing us to post his photos. (One note--We ask that no one duplicate any photos found on this website. Most are from private collectors who have graciously allowed us to post them here. It would not be legal or proper to reproduce these photos without permission. Thank you in advance for your consideration.)

February 8, 2009-An old 1900 photo of Major Wilbur Goodspeed, Battery A, First Ohio Light Artillery has been found in a reunion book of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland. It can be viewed on the Biography page.

October 9, 2008--A great new picture was located by Richard Mann of Fostoria, Ohio. It shows the 15th Ohio being presented with a flag in 1861. This would be the 90-day 15th Ohio Infantry. This picture is a rare find--the first we have ever seen and is posted on this page. Our thanks go out to Dick for sending this picture to us.

June 23, 2008--Journal kept by Captain Doolittle of Co. G courtesy of Jim Heilman. Click on Doolittle Journal on the left.

June 8, 2008--We have identified the location of the great 1902 reunion photo. This photo was sent to us by Jim Heilman, great grandson of Captain L.O. Doolittle. Thanks, Jim! Click on Brigade Photos on the left.



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