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L.O. Doolittle-Company G-15th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry


These eight pages are from a journal kept by Captain L.O. Doolittle of Company G. These pages and photos are posted here through the courtesy of Nancy Hoelzen and Jim Heilman, both ancestors of Captain Doolittle. Handwritten journals are very rare and we appreciate Nancy and Jim sharing these pages with us.

At the bottom of the page is a reunion photo taken on Snodgrass Hill-Chickamauga Battlefield in 1902. Beside it is a modern day view from the same spot taken in October of 2008

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1st Lt. Lucius O. Doolittle











    Jim Heilman provided the following information in an e-mail dated July 28, 2009.

     "I recently received a copy of a 6 X 14 inch Lucius Doolittle Family Ledger.Now for the rest of the story. I recently received a copy of a 6 x 14 inch Lucius Doolittle Family Ledger from Nancy Hoelzen, my cousin that Lucius prepared we estimate starting about 1900 and was maintained up until his death in 1922. The ledger contains mostly family data but at the end he has recorded contacts notes, address's and phone numbers that includes 15th OVI members he retained correspondence with. Where as the family bible was the most common family recording method for the period, It appears ledgers were his recording books of choice. As you recall he recorded his First Sergeant clothing allotment accounting in a 8x12 inch ledger. This I deduce comes from his earlier academic training and business experiences using ledgers as the bible was also a center point of family activity.   The attached newspaper item obits were loosely inserted in the family ledger.       -Regarding the Smith A. Walker death, this is what he recorded in the ledger:       Smith A. Walker died May 28, 1921 he lived East of Galion, Ohio, buried at Lexington, he was a member of Co. G 15 Reg. OVI, he was wounded twice taken prisoner at the Battle of Chickamauga.       -Regarding Mary A. Nelson, she was the wife of Co. G. member Elmore D. Nelson.   Other 15th OVI related contact people and notes in his ledger include the following (affilliated with the company as best as I can determine if not identified by Lucius, hand written in ink):       W. H. Chandler- Co. E. 15th OVI, Dupage Co., Ill (Co. E)     Mrs. H. G Palmer, 23 Wood St., Mansfield, O (Wife of Henry G, Palmer, Co. G)     Mrs. W. G. Whip, 61 Hammon Ave., Mansfield, O (Wife of William G. Whip, Co. G.)     Mrs. William G. Whip, Died December 2, 1920, Buried Saturday, Dec. 4, Mansfield Cemetery     John Garnder, Nevada, Ohio (Co. G.)     John F. Gardner, Died Apr. 16, 1921 at Neveda, Ohio, a soldier of Co. G., OVI, wounded at Shiloh, Apr. 7, 1862 (Co. G)     Mrs Jacob L. Day, wife, Died January 18, 1917 at Galion, Ohio (Wife of Jacob L. Day, Co. G)     J. C. McColley, Sandusky Soldiers Home, Sandusky, Ohio (Co. G.)     David McColley, Trilla, Ill, moved to Charleston, Ill.     Anna A. Burns, 9412 Lamont Ave., Cleveland, Ohio (Possible wife or relative of Hulbert L., Burns, (Co. G)     H. K. Murphy of Co. G, 15th Reg. OVI died suddenly this evening Oct. 11, 1917 about 5 o'clock while sitting in his chair at his home 168 West Third St., Mansfield, Ohio. He had been an invalid for many years but was able to be out and on this Wednesday visisted the GAR Hall. Burial by the GAR Monday 2 PM, Oct. 15, 1917 (Co. G)     William H. Stough, Died Nov. or Dec., 1918 (Co. G.)     William H. Patterson, Died Oct. 8, 1915, Los Angles, Calif. (Co. G)     Ralph R. Cook, Nov. 11, 1915 at Indiana River, Mich. (Co. G)     James M. McMeeken, Died Dec. 24, 1915, Mansfield, Ohio (Co. G)     Elmore D. Nelson, Died Oct. 30, 1916, in Mansfield, Ohio Funeral Wednesday 9 AM, Olivesburg, Ohio     Mrs. Elmore Nelson, wife of Elmore D. Nelson, died at 8 AM this morning at her home 67 East First St., Mansfield, Ohio. She was born Oct. 19, 1836     Capt. Abraham Cahill Cummins died Feb. 19, 1917, Capt. of Co. I 15th Reg. OVI, Born Oct 29, 1836 (Co. I)     Robert Ellis has been an inmate of the State Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, lost his life in Maumee Bay near Toledo, Ohio some time Sunday June 10, 1917. The body was discovered yesterday, his body will be brought to Mansfield Nimons Undertaking where it will be held until Friday morning. Funeral services will be held at the GAR Hall. (Co. G. and I)     S. A. Walker, Galion, Ohio, RFD No. 1 (Co. G)     J. C. McCalley, Cottage C., Soldiers Home, Toledo, Ohio (Co. G)     George B. Gilbert, Niles, Ohio (Co. G)     Hiram K. Broaks, Soldiers National Home, Marion, Indiana (Co. G.)   Captain Lucius Doolittle had a very close relationship with unit soldiers and there families long after the war ended unto his last days as the McMeeken notes and this ledger document. Like his Civil War accounts, you have our approval to post if you so desire as company family information is always of great interest to researchers and families alike."