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In The Footsteps of the 15th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


December 7, 1861-Camp Neven, KY

Decmber 8, 1861-Last day at Camp Nevin

Dec. 9--Headed south-Heavy straggling-Carrying too much equipment-Camped at Bacon Creek

Dec. 10-Bacon Creek-road to Bowling Green-Camp at Munfordville

Dec. 11-Picket duty

Dec. 12-13-Munfordville

Dec. 14-Picket duty

Dec. 15-16-drill-Co. E on guard duty at railroad bridge

Dec. 17-Foraging

Dec. 18-Camp Wood

Dec. 19-drill

Dec. 20-Camp Wood

Dec. 21-22-rain

Dec 23-Freezing rain- no drill

Dec- 24-new caps issued

Dec.-25-Picket duty

Dec.-26-relived of picket duty

Dec. 27-28-evening dress parade

Dec. 29 - 30-camp

Dec. 31-Picket duty near battlefield of Rowlett's Station


January 1862

Jan. 1, 1862-relived-returned to camp

Jan. 2-freezing-stayed in camp

Jan.-3-SUNDAY--rain-no drill--inspection

Jan. 4-5-in camp

Jan. 6-Picket Duty near railroad bridge

Jan 7-in camp-Col. Wallace accidently shoots himself in the foot

Jan 80-Green River Railroad Bridge repaired

Jan 9-in camp

Jan 10-worked on entrenchments near railroad bridge

Jan 11-band concert by the 14th US Regulars

Jan 12-usual inspection

Jan 13-Freezing cold

Jan 14-on picket near battleground

Jan. 15-relieved-rain

Jan. 16-Worked on entrenchments

Jan. 17-general alarm proved false

Jan 18-19-20-21-in camp

Jan. 22-Picket duty

Jan. 23-relived at noon-returned to camp

Jan. 24-in camp

Jan. 25-29--in camp

Jan 30-Picket duty

Jan. 31-relieved-returned accross RR Bridge


Feburary 1862

Feb. 1-6-In camp

Feb. 7

Feb. 8-13

Feb. 14-halted between Upton Station and Bacon Creek

Feb. 15-return to Bacon Creek

Feb. 16-One mile south of Munfordville

Feb. 17-Horse Cave--10am halted-went into camp

Feb. 18-marched eight miles to Bell's Tavern

Feb. 19-in camp

Feb. 20-four mile march-Camp Fry

Feb. 21-in camp

Feb. 22-in camp

Feb 23-marched-came into sight of Bowling Green-camped two miles north of town

Feb. 24-26--in camp

Feb. 27--passed through Bowling Green-Camped at Franklin KY after 24 mile march

Feb. 28-Tyree Springs, TN-25 mile march


March 1862

March 1-resumed march-halted near Cumberland River

March 2-Nashville-camped 4 miles south on Franklin Pike

March 3-15--Camp Andrew Johnson

March 16-Marched to Franklin TN

March 17th-resumed the march-sunny and mild-Camp Hill

March 18-19-camped at Camp Kirk on Rutherford Creek

March 20--waded the creek rather then waiting for building materials

March 21-30 Camp Stanton-light duty

March 31-marched through Columbia, TN


April 1862

April 1--marched through Mount Pleasant

April 2- fair and warm-15 mile march to Big Buffalo Creek

April 3-Little Buffalo Creek

April 4-Hardins Creek-after 14 mile march

April 5-rural site 20 miles from Savannah, TN

April 6-Savannah TN

April 7-marched to the Tennessee River in battle at Shiloh

April 8-five mile march looking for wounded

April 9-10 -in camp 5 miles out from battlefield-speech by Col. Wallace on the 10th

April 11-12-in camp

April 13-picket duty

April 14-scouting until 12 pm

April 15-camp

April 16-moved two miles west and camped

April 17-false alarm-returned to camp

April 18-19-in camp-steady rain

April 20-Easter

April 21-22-Rainy day in camp

April 23-inspection

April 24--called out-false alarm

April 25--two miles in front--rained all day

April 26--relieved from the front

April 27-Inspection

April 28--dress parade

April 29-march five miles--camp

April 30--in camp

MAY 1862

May 1--3pm picket duty

May 2-in camp-one mile to the left of the Corinth Road

May 3-advance toward Corinth

May 4-patrol toward Corinth

May 5-6--in camp

May 7--bad roads March toward Corinth







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